Single Clamps

Clamps in A Range of Sizes for Your Specific Application

Expertise that spans over three decades makes Vermatic the leading manufacturer of clamps for the industry and OEMs. We design-manufacture and stock single clamp kits for every size and every application. We also offer different design choices to best fit your requirements. Stock cushion sizes range from .250” to 6” in Tube, Pipe and Hose configurations. Clamps are available in weld and channel mount installations to enable easy integration into your system.

Quick Overview of Vermatic Single Clamps

  • The Light Single Clamp minimizes hardware, utilizing bolts and washers, to deliver a simple, lightweight design. It is use most frequently in channel mount applications and can be bolted directly to a surface or for free hanging use.
  • The post fastener design of the Standard Single Clamp gives it superior stability and controlled grip. It also helps prevent distortion of the tube, pipe or hose during installation.
  • Running more than one line? Do you operate multi-lines with different sizes? Check out our Multi-Line page for ideas. Recessed post fasteners allow multiple clamps to fit next to each other, allowing tubes, pipes, or hoses to be managed in a smaller, tighter space.
  • The Heavy Duty Clamp is designed as an alternative to other branded clamps. The design accommodates weld and channel mount installations. Cushions are closed-end and bolts are secure through the fastener and cushion.

Need help selecting the proper clamp? Download the Product Configuration & Ordering Information Guideline.

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Single Clamps

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