Twin Clamps

Twin Clamps for Parallel Lines

Vermatic offers the most versatile design options for manufactures looking for a clamp to protect two parallel lines. From Light through Heavy Duty applications, we stock all sizes and variations of our clamps. Looking to run two different lines in a Twin Clamp? We can manufacture that too in the sizes you require.

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  • Commonly used to reduce hose rub on loose hanging hoses, our Light Twin Clamp offers a superior solution to zip ties and other forms of sub-par hose protection.
  • The 200 Series is designed with a single bolt center fastener and is ideal for applications that require less hardware. These clamps are durable, lighter weight and easy to install. The design accommodates weld and channel mount installations. With these clamps, you have the flexibility to configure two across and as four units when stacked.
  • With exposed posts on the outside of the cushion, the Standard Twin Clamp offers stability and controlled grip. Cushion installation is seamless and easy; all it takes is to slide the cushion in between the posts.
  • When your equipment endures rigorous and harsh operations, the Heavy Duty Twin Clamp is the solution you want. With protective top and bottom plates and its three-bolt design, this clamp safeguards against the roughest applications in the industry.

Need help selecting the proper clamp? Download the Product Configuration & Ordering Information Guideline.

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