A High-Performance Solution for Loose-Hanging Hoses

Our Loose Hanging Clamp Series is specifically designed to hold two or more hoses in place to prevent abrasion. If you’ve ever used zip-ties to stop destructive hose rub, you know it’s not a long-term solution. Vermatic hose support clamps feature a sturdy, reliable design that’s more secure than zip ties and can withstand rigorous hose twisting. The best part? You can count on us for quick-turnaround and the highest-quality hose support clamps, always made in the USA. 

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Features & Benefits

Loose Hanging Clamp Series

  • More secure than zip ties

  • Accommodates same or different size hose diameters

  • Countersunk hardware for a smooth exterior surface

  • Easy to install, remove and reinstall

  • Made in USA

See the Vermatic Difference for Yourself