Custom Clamps Overview

Vermatic offers a wide selection of high-performance pipe, tube, and hose clamps for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our hydraulic clamp assemblies help to reduce shock and vibration while significantly improving the service life and performance of equipment. We offer a broad range of styles and sizes to meet the demands of stationary and mobile industrial applications.

At Vermatic, we have a team of clamp design experts who have the expertise to bring a customer’s vision to life within budget and on time. From agriculture and oil and gas to material handling equipment, our team has the cross-industry resources and knowledge to meet the demands of even the most complex configurations.

If needed, we have the capabilities to assist our customers with designing exceptional custom clamps, providing flexible options to ensure the clamp design fits the specific demands of the application. Vermatic offers several series designs in single, double, and stacked assemblies for every size and application. Our clamps can accommodate tubes, hoses, and pipes ranging from .250” to 4.000” and are available in channel mount and weld options. All sizes are in stock and made in the USA.

Our custom clamps allow customers to think outside the box with proprietary configurations and custom sizing, unique materials, and multiple lines. We offer in-house machining and molding capabilities, providing customers with a quick turnaround. There are no quantity minimums, and we can ship samples of our products on the same day.

Custom Clamp Process

At Vermatic, we take a design-first approach to provide our clients with a superior level of personalized customer service, which involves the following steps:

Initiate the Process

Contact us to initiate the process. Our design experts will meet with you to discuss specifications, timelines, and unique application requirements. This includes considerations like multiple lines, size configurations, tight spaces, and special materials.

Develop Design

Next, we’ll develop designs for your review and approval, ensuring a perfect fit for the clamp.

Prepare Samples

Then, we quickly prepare samples for your review and approval, with the option for expedited shipping. All clamp products are designed and manufactured in the USA from our Wisconsin production facility. In-house molding and machining capabilities allow for a remarkably fast turnaround.


Once samples are approved, our production team fulfills and ships your order within your desired timeframe. Custom-size orders with no quantity minimums ensure you receive exactly what you need.

Materials Offered

Customers have access to a range of materials when working with Vermatic. Standard hardware is comprised of steel with the following finishes available:

  • Clear Zinc
  • Black Oxide

The following special hardware materials are also available:

  • Aluminum
  • All Grades of Stainless Steel

The cushion always consists of polypropylene material. However, the following materials can be supplied for the cushion insert:

  • Nylon
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Aluminum
  • All grades of Stainless Steel

Custom Clamps Features & Benefits

For over four decades, Vermatic has been at the forefront of collaborating with OEMs worldwide, emphasizing a design-first approach in crafting custom clamps that cater to a myriad of application requirements. This method brings forth a host of advantages, including:

  • Precision in Mounting Options

    Through our design-first approach, we provide uniquely tailored mounting solutions. This encompasses versatile options such as weld and channel mount installations, meticulously crafted to align with the specific design requisites of each project. This ensures a seamless integration and optimal performance within the intended application.

  • Enhanced Functionality

    By prioritizing design from the outset, we have the flexibility to engineer clamps with features that go beyond standard off-the-shelf products. This allows us to fine-tune functionality to match the exacting demands of the project, resulting in a clamp that performs with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

  • Customization for Unique Challenges

    When confronted with projects that fall outside the scope of readily available products, our design-first approach enables us to tackle unique challenges head-on, tailoring the clamp’s specifications to meet the specific demands of the application. This adaptability ensures that our clamps are a perfect fit, even in the most specialized and complex scenarios.

Customization Options for Stock Clamps

Every Vermatic clamp is available in a range of sizes and styles. Our high-quality clamp assemblies serve diverse mobile and stationary industrial applications across industries. From standard to custom clamps, multiple lines, unique size configurations or special materials – there is no engineering challenge that we can’t handle. Vermatic clamps can be manufactured to different specifications, making it customizable to the following options:

Series Number

These are the dimensions of our clamps by series number.

View Standard Clamps

Mount Style

The mount style refers to how the clamp is attached to mobile or stationary equipment.. Weld mount clamps are permanently welded onto a framework or structure. Channel mount clamps are fitted onto channel railings, allowing flexible and adjustable positioning. This mounting style is well-suited for applications that require spacing out numerous sets of parallel lines.

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Number of Lines

Customers can customize their clamp to have as many holes and hole sizes as they need. Common examples include 4-line and 6-line runs, shown below.

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Tube, Pipe, or Hosing Size

Customers select the proper cushion insert size for end-use with pipes, tubes, or hoses. For example, hose applications, represented by ending with an ‘H’, have rounded cushion edges to prevent puncturing or wear to the hose. Pipe sizes are represented by ending with a ‘P’. The spec sheet below details pipe size, tube OD, and hose OD, which determine the proper cushion size for your clamps.

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Cushion Size

Cushion sizes are customizable to the end use of your clamp. All our cushions are polypropylene, with durable and smooth surfaces that eliminate the risk of wear, puncturing, and moisture damage.

Depending on the configuration, we offer single and double cushion inserts to support your assembly. Single cushions support a single tube, hose, or pipe at a time, and double cushions support two lines. Made of polypropylene, our cushions provide stable, reliable performance even in harsh operating conditions. We also offer stacked mounts if you require multiple lines at different heights. Low profile cushion inserts are also available. These cushions allow for several smaller lines to run together using less space when height restrictions are a concern.

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The posts on our clamps feature a unique nesting design that makes the assembly stronger, more durable, and more uniform. They are located on the outside of the cushion insert and installed into a threaded base plate to offer premium strength. These posts also allow for easy installation of the clamp assembly. They hold the cushion insert in place while you lay the run of hoses for installation.

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Industries Served: Custom Clamp Applications

Vermatic has provided OEMs in the stationary machine and equipment industries with custom clamps to solve the toughest engineering challenges. Over the past several decades, we have partnered closely with distributors representing fluid power, accessories, hose, hydraulic, automatic, and pneumatic markets.

Our immense experience has allowed us to deliver a broad spectrum of capabilities to a wide range of industries that use Vermatic custom clamps for the following applications:

  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Backhoes
  • Balers, Crushers, Sheers
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Gas and Oil
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Off-Highway Equipment
  • Railroad Maintenance Equipment
  • Refuse Haulers
  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Tractor Mowers
  • Tree Harvesting Machines
  • Trenchers
  • Vent and Flare Stacks
Partner with Vermatic

Partner with Vermatic

For over 40 years, our woman-owned company has manufactured fully custom products, delivering high-quality standard and custom clamps for a wide variety of industries and applications.

Contact us to learn more about Vermatic and how our industry-leading products can meet the demands of your specific application. Our vast experience in clamp design allows us to deliver quick turnaround and competitive pricing, making us the number one resource for exceptional service and quality products.

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