Why Buy Local?

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to hop onto the most convenient e-commerce platform and closest conglomerate store for our shopping habits. However, supporting local companies is what drives our economy, communities, and secures neighborhood jobs.

Supporting locally has many key benefits that are easily overlooked in the shadow of corporate giants. Through supporting local companies:

  1. You discover expertise and uniqueness in goods and services. Local companies provide products that are unique and produce one-of-a-kind goods and services that are found nowhere else.
  2. You encourage local prosperity through supporting entrepreneurs and passionate workers in the community. Furthermore, you are helping to create a better community space.
  3. You reduce environmental impact. Locally owned businesses typically buy local, which requires less transportation, air pollution, and emissions from outsourcing product purchases.
  4. You are supporting the local economy by investing $68 back into the community with every $100 spent.
  5. You are creating local jobs. Small businesses make up over half of the jobs nationwide.

Vermatic strives to achieve greater success in the community through implementing jobs and investing in the local community. We encourage you to get out and explore stores and restaurants in your area. Grab some flowers for your sweetheart at the local flower shop. Stop and get some coffee for your co-workers at the corner cafe. Check out the latest farm-to-table flavors at that downtown restaurant.You’ll not only find new hot spots, you’ll be creating a stronger community.


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