One-Clamp-Size Does Not Always Fit All

Have you ever had to rig up some hoses on your equipment because you just couldn’t find the right size clamp? Take this situation as an example: an equipment manufacturer was running two different-sized hanging hoses side by side. The hoses needed to be held together for stability and to eliminate hose rub. The typical clamp manufacturer will only provide specific sizes in the clamps that they mass produce. When it comes to a twin clamp, like this situation required, the clamp manufacturer only provides the same size outside diameter (O.D) cushion for both openings. So, the equipment manufacturer was forced to make do with what they had. The OEM ordered the clamp in the larger hose outside diameter and then cut a hose piece to wrap around the smaller hose diameter to “make it work.” This is neither safe nor effective.

This is where Vermatic is different. Because we manufacture all our clamps in the USA, we have access to every size O.D of a hose, pipe or tube cushion needed. Our team can quickly and easily produce any sizes needed to get the project done right. Same sizes, different sizes, custom applications, or whatever the case may be. All it takes is a simple phone call or form submission stating the problem you’re having. Vermatic will have the solution.

When talking about clamps, one may think they are referring to a commodity item. Vermatic is changing that narrative with a different approach to the types of clamps they provide. Vermatic’s sole focus is clamps and we can supply you with all the standard sizes needed. But as a self-described “problem-solving company,” we will also work with you to design the proper clamp for your specific use and application.