At first glance of the Multi-Line/Standard Clamp you will immediately see the difference when compared to the beta design.

Multi-Line Clamp Provides Flexibility Beta Design Cannot

There are posts on the outside of the cushion, while the beta design has bolts running through the cushion.

These posts hold the cushion in place during assembly making it extremely easy to install. When stacking hoses, each cushion layer is held stationary by the post so you’re not dealing with balancing cushions while building the assembly. These posts also allow the cushions to uniformly nest side by side for a clean look on long runs.

The Multi-Line/Standard Clamp is offered in a single clamp all the way up to a 6-across run. It is stackable in any variety of combinations needed. The plates are heavy-duty and durable creating the most robust clamp for any application. These clamps also come in a variety of cushion sizes, including low profile options. And as always, all our industrial clamps are Made in the USA.

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