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For years, original equipment manufacturers in the equipment and stationary machine industries have relied on Vermatic’s cushion clamps to solve their toughest engineering challenges. Vermatic also partners closely with distributors representing a variety of markets, including fluid power and automation, hose and accessories and hydraulic and pneumatic.

Through our broad spectrum of capabilities and decades-long expertise, we bring superior quality and personalized services to a wide range of industries, including:

Concrete Mixers

Concrete producers rely on equipment that performs consistently day after day, and the last thing you need is issues caused by destructive hose rub. While zip ties can offer a temporary fix, Vermatic cushions can provide a long-term solution. Our Loose-Hanging Clamp Series is specifically designed to hold two or more hoses in place to prevent abrasion. Our cushions are easily installed and prove to be an effective anti-abrasion solution for the concrete mixing industry.

Lift & Access Equipment

Access equipment is used in everything from agriculture to heavy construction, mining and warehousing. Vermatic cushion clamps play a critical role in holding tubes and hoses in place, working together with hundreds of other components to make large equipment run smoothly. And it’s no secret that when tasks such as loading, lifting and transporting are made easier, companies will experience enhanced productivity and profitability.


In the mining industry, high-performance equipment is needed to build infrastructure, prepare mine sites and extract metals, minerals and aggregate. Whether it’s for surface or underground mining, Vermatic clamps help to keep that equipment running optimally, maximizing productivity. Our cushion clamps are designed to withstand the harshest of environments and are available in several metal finishes and stainless steel material.

Refuse Collection

Commercial, industrial and residential customers rely on waste collection daily. Whether it involves curbside trash cans or large metal containers, refuse collection equipment must be durable and high-functioning—and that’s where our clamps come in. Vermatic’s single- and multi-line, weld-mount clamps secure hoses and tubes to the loader frame. With our unique ability to manufacture multi-line and multi-size cushions, hoses and tubes can even run simultaneously within the same clamp assembly. Even better? Our clamps are designed and manufactured in Wisconsin, which means you’ll get your parts fast without losing any time or money on downtime.

Railway Maintenance

Rail transportation is a vital part of our nation’s infrastructure and moves everything from people to parts, supplies and food. To help the railway industry run smoothly, Vermatic partners with major equipment suppliers to create custom clamps specific to their needs, even for the most complex requirements. In an industry where innovation and productivity are critical for success, Vermatic goes beyond industry standards to help our customers tackle their toughest challenges, achieve their goals and boost their bottom line.

Paving & Road Construction

From stabilizers to graders and asphalt pavers, our customers in the paving and road construction industries rely on high-performance equipment to complete a variety of critical functions. To keep their productivity high and their operating costs low, Vermatic offers endless combinations of custom and stock, single and multi-line clamps. We enable engineers to design with innovation and confidence, knowing Vermatic has the perfect clamp tailored to their needs.

Vegetation Management

Many industries rely on successful vegetation management to thrive. Whether it’s national forest conservation or vital support for electric utilities, reliable equipment is at the center of the vegetation management industry. Vermatic Standard and Multi-Line clamps are uniquely designed to keep that equipment running efficiently and streamline multi-line runs with less hardware and simple installation.


From aerospace to agriculture, food and beverage, oil and gas, pulp and paper, transportation and material handling equipment, the experts at Vermatic have the cross-industry knowledge and resources to fulfill the most challenging specifications.

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